The Fine Line Experience

Having served the Chicago architectural and design community for over twenty years, we’re part of the enduring legacy thats been a foundation for creating inspired and personal spaces in the home and beyond.  We consider ourselves lucky to be able to do what we love and help clients design beautiful spaces along the way.  Call us overly-engaged, obsessed, or even crazy, but we care about our work that much.

The Fine Line History

If there is one thing that’s lost in the shuffle of large showrooms and endless tile displays, it’s the feeling that tile design is a work of art. The Fine Line was founded in 1991 by Kim Preis on the belief that tile should be showcased in a more intimate and artistic setting. We left behind a large design showroom in favor of a small passionate team and space that reflects creativity, client commitment, and a happy place for our office mascots: Olive and Ivy, the friendly canine duo.

The Fine Line is a family in every way, making customers feel at home so they can be free to create and collaborate with our team.